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Road Circuit through Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand Dec 2010 - Jan. 2011
(click on photos to enlarge)

Mekong at Stung Treng

Penteque Court
Sacred Cow

Taking a ferry across the Sekong and Mekong at Stung Treng

Looking at a Wai Kael Court in Thala Bariwat

Preah Ko or Sacred Cow in Thala Bariwat

Khone Pha Pheng Falls

Khone Pha Pheng Falls

Picking Coffee

Khone Pha Phing falls in the Mekong just inside Laos

Khone Pha Phing Falls

Picking coffee on the Bolaven Plateau in Laos

Paksong Market baskets
Vendor at Paksong Market
Paksong Market

Paksong Market

 Vendor at the market

Paksong Market

Paksong market chillis
Paksong Market donuts
E-Tu Falls Bolaven

Chillies for sale

Lao "donuts"

E-Tu Falls near Paksong

Top of E-Tu FallsChampee FallsRaft at Champee Falls
Hmmm... a good idea!Champee Falls near PaksongPlaying on the raft at Champee
Nikki's rock pileChampee Falls Rock pilesKatamtok Falls
Nikki's rock pileLots of rock pilesKatamtok falls on the Bolaven
Sekong marketCoffee in Sekong MarketSelling tamarind
Sekong Market Having Coffee at Sekong Market Children selling tamarind at Tat Lo
Fishing at Tat LoRocks near Ngai villageLao noodles
Fishing with a net below the fallsRock hopping near a Ngai village (can you spot the people?)Eating Lao style "fat" noodles for breakfast again!
EAting Grilled chickenSavannakhetSavannaKhet town
Grilled chicken feet anyone?Savannakhet, LaosColonial era buildings
MonkeysMonkeysAncient Budhist library
Feeding monkeys from the "sacred" forrestMama and babyOld Buddhist library
Soft shelled turtleRoad to Kuy villageKuy
Large soft-shelled turtleRoad to Kuy village in Oddar Mien CheyVsiting with Kuy in village
Kuy VillagePV escarpementRoad to temple
Kuy homeEscarpment in Preah Vihear province next to Thai border (temple ruins are at the top)Road going to the top of the escarpment
Prasat PReah VihearNate and NikkiPrasat PV
Prasat Preah Vihear (this temple is featured on the 2000 Riel note)Nikki got tiredLooking out through a doorway in the temple
Cambodia from the top
View of Cambodia from the top (notice all the fires)