Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia
December 2006 (click on photos to enlarge)

Taxi being repaired in Kampong Cham

With Uncle Mark in Kampong Cham

Naga on bridge over Mekong at K. Cham

Lunch in Kampong Cham

Hotel in Stung Treng

Sunset on the Sekong, Stung Treng

Late for the ferry in Stung Treng

Alternate ferry (the taxi went ahead)

On the ferry

boat to see dolphins on Mekong near Laos

Silly Nikki on dolphin boat

Nate with new style





Super glue to fix oil leak on taxi from Laos border


Star Guest House in Banlung, Ratanakiri


Relaxing at the Star





Dusty Banlung


Market area in Banlung


Lunch in Banlung





Yeak Loam Lake


Swimming in Yeak Loam


Walking around Yeak Loam





Motorbikes to the Lake


Visiting a waterfall


Playing in a waterfall





Ratanakiri Waterfall


Another waterfall


Elephant ride from minority village





Riding through rubber plantation


Crossing the stream


One more waterfall



Shopping for gems in Banlung market