Laos Trip 2008
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Funny Nikki

Boat Ride By bungalows

Funny Nikki 

Boat to the 4000 islands

Bungalows on Don Khon island

Nate on bridge

Nikki on bike

Nate and Nikki by waterfall

Nate on French built bidge

Nikki on a rented bike

Waterfall in the Mekong

Scary bridge Top of Wat Phu Wat Phu

Scary bridge we had to cross

 Veiw from the top of Wat Phu

Wat Phu

Ferry Lynn and waterfall Nate by streem

Ferry across the Mekong

Lynn and the waterfall

Nate by the streem

Boat Races Sekong fair Funny House
Boat race in Sekong Eatting chicken at sekong fair House in the middle of a pond

By water falls Breakfast noodles Goat Wars

Nate, Nikki and Tom by waterfall 

Eating noodles for breakfast

Goat wars!!!

Minority house  Tat Lo fields Tat Lo waterfalls
Minority house Beautiful feilds Tat Lo waterfall
Nate on rocks Village
Nate on rocksVillage near Tat Lo