Photos in Kuy villages
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Muddy track

Getting across the river

Through the Rice Field

Muddy track to the village

Crossing the river

Through the rice field


Small Kuy house

Kuy House

Rice Small Kuy House Kuy House

Larger house

Kuy Village

Kuy Village 2

Larger House Kuy Village In the village
Kuy Village 3VillagersRice Mill
Ox CartVillagersMilling Rice

Playing children

Playing Children 2  


Playing Children

More children playing 


OxWater BuffaloCart with logs
   Leading an Ox    Water Buffalo    Cart with logs  
Young Woman Young men Grandma
Young WomanYoung MenGrandma
   school    Grinding    Making Torches  
School Grinding Making Torches
Men smoking Women with Babies Man in front of house
Men SmokingWomen with BabiesResting from work