Kuy ManTom and Lynn Newhouse
Strategy Coordinators for the Kuy People of Cambodia
9 June 2005
The Kuy Advocate
Our Advocacy
An Advocate can be defined as “One that argues for a cause; a supporter or defender” or “One that pleads in another's behalf; an intercessor.” As advocates for the Kuy People of Cambodia we have three goals. First, we want to get information about them out to as many praying, believing Christians as possible in order to increase the amount of intercession on their behalf. Secondly, we want to get information to the right places so that others will be moved by God to come and work among them as church planters. Third, we want to connect the Kuy People with organizations that can help them to develop and improve their living standards in a way that preserves their culture and dignity as a people.

As a result of this role we are developing some tools to inform others about this unreached people group. We are sending out monthly prayer updates by email. If you are not on that list and would like to be or if you know others who would like to pray for the Kuy people and receive this update, please let us know.  We also have a prayer bookmark available. Our Newhouse family web site is another avenue for advocacy.  We are working on a web site about the Kuy People.
Another tool we have developed is a short video which tells about the Kuy. We have versions with narration and with the text in the video. We would be happy to make any of these tools available to you for use in your church or other group.
Be An Advocate: Intercede for the Kuy
Coming to Michigan
We will be in Jackson 11 June to 10 August and hope to see those of you in that area.
We will try to talk with others by phone. We can be contacted at:
Tom and Lynn Newhouse
c/o Lytle Miller
912 Briarcliff Rd.
Jackson, MI 49203
517 784-0611
610 788-2101

P.O. Box 30947
Seattle, WA 98113-0947
(206) 781-3151