...yet because of the manís boldness he will get up and give him as much as he needs. So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to youÖLuke 11:8-9

Included in Jesusí teaching in Luke 11 is an interesting parable. Jesus makes the point that a manís request was granted, not because he asked a friend, but because he asked boldly, or persistently. Various Bible versions translate that word differently, no doubt in part because it only appears this once in the New Testament. It is actually the negative of the word shame. God wants us to ask Him, boldly, shamelessly.


Hereís the thing, all the great strategies and all the hard work we can produce will do nothing for the kingdom of God apart from Godís power. We are completely dependent on Him. Therefore, we must pray. Prayer is one of our core values as Strategy Coordinators for the Kuy People of Cambodia.  We cannot be satisfied with the two of us praying every day together for the Kuy.  We want to mobilize a worldwide prayer army.


Some things we are doing:

         Kuy Prayer Update sent out every month to 200 email addresses (some of these represent churches or other groups of people praying)

         Developing a visual presentation to be available for churches and groups

         Presenting prayer needs at various prayer gatherings here in Cambodia

         Distributing a prayer bookmark


Some things we would like to do:

         Produce a Kuy People web site where people can get updated prayer requests and download prayer cards, brochures and even video clips to aid them in prayer

         Broaden the ranks of those receiving our prayer updates to include people from many other parts of the world

         Establish a month of prayer for the Kuy

         Organize prayer walking teams for Kuy areas in Cambodia


Please help us by passing the word to others you know about the needs of the Kuy and above all, by praying

         For wisdom for us as we work to produce a web site and other helpful and appropriate advocacy materials

         For thousands to join us in prayer for this group to have a church among them that can represent Jesus in culturally appropriate ways.


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