25 February 2004

After a good home leave (August 2003 to January 2004), its good to be at home in our house in Phnom Penh. We are grateful for a great place to stay at the William Carey Mission House of the Church of the Saviour in Wayne, PA and for the opportunities we had to visit with many of you and re-establish ties at COS. We were refreshed and enjoyed time with family. The kids did really well adjusting to life in the US and then adjusting to life back here. Nate had a very good experience at Devon Elementary the first half of first grade and is quickly fitting into his class at Northbridge International School. It helps that he has three good friends already in the class. Nikki enjoyed her three days a week at Heritage pre-school and will start next week doing the same at Garden and Gecko Pre-School here. She is very excited!

  We were happy to return to our house here and find things in good order. The Lord has already provided us with a replacement car (ours was stolen last year before we left). Tom has been to leadership meetings for Mission to Unreached Peoples in Thailand last week. Thanks to those of you who prayed for that time. It went well.

  Now we turn our attention back to the task of building a church planting movement among the Kuy people of Cambodia. We are working through plans for an oral evangelism strategy. Tom will resume traveling up to the Kuy area this month to re-establish contacts.


          Praise God for good MUP leadership meetings.

          Thank God for smooth settling back into life here in Cambodia.

          Pray for wisdom in planning the next steps for an oral evangelism strategy.

          Pray for the Holy Spiritís work among the Kuy people.

          Pray for God to reveal men and women of peace in the Kuy villages (Luke 10:6).