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18 November 2003
a heart for the Unreached in Asia and Europe

Mission to Unreached Peoples
    Mission to Unreached Peoples (MUP) is a broadly interdenominational agency which focuses on unreached people groups. MUP, as a sending agency has been just right for us. We have been pleased with the level of professional service that they offer as well as their strong emphasis on “member care.”
    Member care is pastoral care of missionaries on the field. MUP has a team of member care personnel in Thailand who travel to the various countries in Asia to visit MUP missionaries, assist in any personal needs and transitions and love our children.
    MUP also has an educational consultant who visited our Cambodia team this year. Her visit brought insight and help in educational needs for several of our families. She came at a good time for us as we were deciding what educational option to pursue for Nate.
    Flexibility, creativity and the personal approach also characterize MUP as a sending agency. This allows for placement of people using a wide variety of skills and gifts in a broad arena of ministry options. We like this approach. Yet, we are happy that there also are people in MUP who are like-minded with us in following the Church Planting Movement strategy.

Online Donations
     While MUP is not a huge organization (under 200 personnel), it has worked hard to get services online. This is very convenient for us. A recent development is the ability to make online donations. Donations can be made either one time or monthly using a credit card or an Electronic Fund Transfer. To check this out go to http://www.gati.info/ol/newhouse.

Praise and Prayer
  • Our web page is coming together.
  • We are making good progress on our goals for home leave.
  • We want to return in January with our Strategic Plan for the Kuy people of Cambodia in place. Pray for wisdom in completing this plan.
  • Pray for God to raise up prayer partners and a team to join us in Cambodia.

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