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Dear Partner,

BIG NEWS from Mission to Unreached People! As you are aware, MUP has been in a process of change from the inside out. We have had a new international director for a few years who has been steering the organization to a more focused approach. We’ve moved from an organization that was broad in terms of types of ministry to one that is focused on sending strategy teams to help begin Church Planting Movements among the least reached. The new name crowns the changes. Please see the enclosed letter from Kent Parks.

The one change related to our new name that may affect you is that, as of Oct. 1, 2013, if you send a check as a financial gift for us you will make it out to Act Beyond. The address is the same. Remember, you are giving to Act Beyond. You may indicate that it is for us with a note on a separate paper indicating that you prefer it go to TK and Lynn Newhouse. Be sure and have a look at the new website for Act Beyond,, which should be up and running in October.

We recently had the privilege of attending the annual International Orality Network conference which was held right here in Missouri. It was great to sit with like-minded individuals and listen to excellent speakers on a topic near to our hearts. Have you heard of the term “digi-oral?” In his article, “I Love to Learn but I Don’t Like to Read:  The Rise of Secondary Oral Learning,” W. Jay Moon states, “In a study over a 9-year period, 53.5% of seminary students preferred oral learning compared to print learning.” Wow! Many people here in the US, even highly educated people, are secondary oral learners. They know how to read, but prefer to learn or process information in other ways utilizing electronic audio and visual communications. We have been working with a primarily oral culture in Cambodia for years and thinking about how best to reach them with the good news. It turns out that we need to do the same kind of thinking about how to reach the new digi-oral learners here in the US.

Thanks so much for your prayers and financial support. We are encouraged by so many of you who wrote to let us know that you are praying for us in this difficult period. TK continues to pursue healing. Lynn is getting more involved in helping Act Beyond (formerly MUP) with training especially in the area of Ministry Partner Development.

In His Grace,
TK and Lynn