Nate and Nikki
20 October 2009
Logos International School

School UniformsTrumpet: Nate’s new scholastic pursuit. Its not so easy, lots of lip and breath action. He has a band class in 7th grade. It’s a new season of music in our house. Both kids started piano lessons in Sept. They will have their first recital in Nov. No wonder “Aura Lee” and “Jingle Bells” are running through my head!
    Seventh Grade:  it’s a good year, Ancient History, speeches, typing, New Testament, and all the usuals. Occasionally we have dinner discussions on rocks or ancient Egypt. Nate is a diligent and successful student. He is also active in the Middle School combined International churches Youth Group. He still likes to play soccer and is looking forward to the season next year. Last year he tried all the Middle School sports.
    Third Grade is a good one too. Nikki’s teacher is very experienced, in her 20th year of teaching. And she has a great class. She is currently studying Japan. She likes Science too, and art and music and PE and Swimming. Of course she does great in all the basics too. She is reading like crazy, mysteries, horse books, . . .  And she loves to have friends over to play.
    We are very pleased with Logos, a Christian International School. The curriculum is American and most of the teachers, but the students are a wonderful mix of Cambodian, Korean and various other nationalities.

Fun travelMangroves

One of our favorite things to do as a family is travel. Over a recent school holiday we took a trip to Koh Chang Island in Thailand. It is not far from the  border of Cambodia and we drove our car into Thailand for the first time. It only took us six hours, including the border crossing, to get to the town of Trat. Then, the next morning a couple of hours, including the half hour ferry ride, to reach our hotel. We had one clear sunny day to enjoy the beach and then it started raining (well, it is rainy season!). Back in Cambodia in the border town of Koh Kong we went to see the mangrove swamp. It is one of the largest in SE Asia and very interesting. We walked on raised pathways over the water and climbed an observation deck to look out over a sea of mangroves.

Prayer Points