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October 9, 2012

Home Again
“It feels so good to be back!” was Nate’s comment on the first morning after we arrived in Phnom Penh (July 31). We were headed out to find some Cambodian breakfast, one of our favorite things in Cambodia. Both kids settled quickly into life back home. They started school with all their old friends and few a new ones at Logos International School within a week.

We stayed with a friend all of August while we hunted for a house. We thank God for His provision of a duplex well-suited to our needs in a neighborhood very close to Logos. Friends are nearby for both Nate and Nikki. It should be easy for TK to travel out to the Kuy villages or get to the airport. We are adjusting to being further out of town.  Thank you for your generosity and prayers that enable us to be back here to serve the Lord in this corner of the world!

On Thursday, Sept. 20, TK was on his way to Thailand for strategic planning with MUP leadership when I received the shocking news that one of our co-workers with MUP, Jeff Evanson, had died suddenly. We are so sad to lose him. TK and two MUP leaders came straight back to Phnom Penh the next day. The funeral took place the following Tuesday after family members were able to arrive. We cannot help but rejoice for Jeff, but we feel deeply for his wife Vanny, their three grown children and the Asian Hope girls for whom Jeff and Vanny were the house parents. The two youngest of these girls are still in High School. We remember Jeff for his passion for the church, his gift with language, his great sense of humor and love of fun.
Jeff and Vanny  Jeff and Nikki 2007

                        Jeff and Vanny                                                                            Jeff with Nikki in 2007       

Praise God for
•    Our new house
•    Feeling at home
Pray with us for
•    Completion of the settling-in process including purchase of needed furniture
•    The right vehicle for our needs
•    Vanny, her children, and the Asian Hope girls, Tiorot, Pannette  and Samadee as they grieve
•    For wisdom as we begin to work with the Kuy in Thailand

TK and Lynn Newhouse
Strategy Catalysts for the Kuy People
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