Jonathan Training 08



15 October 2008

Unlike his father, Saul, Jonathan remained faithful to God throughout his life. Because he lived for God's glory, not his own or that of his father, he attempted incredible things for God. One time, he stepped out in faith and came up against the Philistine army with just his armor bearer for support. God honored his boldness and courage and the Philistines were routed that day. Read the whole story in 1 Samuel 14.

Jonathan Training was begun by Overseas Mission Fellowship (OMF) to train missionaries to become Strategy Coordinators following in the bold and faith filled footsteps of Jonathan. Tom was privileged to attend a Jonathan Training in Thailand six years ago as we began our focus on the Kuy people. We have used the principles of this training in our plan to help us reach our vision, “to help facilitate a Church Planting Movement (CPM) among the Kuy People of Cambodia.” A “Jonathan” is committed to being a catalyst for prayer, helping develop resources and raise up workers and doing the work of church planting. As a catalyst, he or she will take the role of training local leaders to lead the church.

It was a dream come true for Tom to be a part of the planning committee bringing Jonathan training here to Cambodia for the first time last August. He worked with OMF and World Team missionaries to bring the two-week training here and helped facilitate the training by leading several sessions. Twenty three qualified and experienced missionaries from many different agencies joined the training. Each participant produced their own Master Plan detailing how they will work toward a CPM for the people group or population segment among whom they are working.

A multi-agency executive committee was formed to plan for the future of Jonathan Training in Cambodia. Another training for missionaries will be held next May. After that the material will be adapted for the Cambodian context and translated to Khmer. This should result in a training later next year in Khmer for Cambodian church planters.

Praise and Prayer