THANK YOU!                                                                                              2 October 2007

We greatly appreciate all of you who pray for us and who give generously so that we can do what God is calling us to do. Thank you. We have experienced your ministry in special ways as we have been back here in the US. Our needs for housing, transportation, help in getting the kids set up in school and friendships have been so generously provided for. We have felt welcomed. Also, our kids seem to be adjusting well to new schools here. Nate has found a few friends from four years ago at school. He really enjoys playing soccer and was put on a team whose coach is the dad of his best buddy from four years ago! Both kids have felt welcome at Sunday School. Nate came into a group who knew him, since the teachers have been with the group for several years and they keep up with us. Nikki is making friends in her class and is starting to have play dates with children in the neighborhood.

Home Assignment Prayer Needs

For our time here please pray

Also intercede for our travels:

Tom and Lynn Newhouse
Strategy Coordinators for the Kuy People of Cambodia

725 N. Wayne Ave.
Wayne, PA 19087
Home phone: (610) 788-2101
Tom's Mobile:(610) 457-3756
Lynn's Mobile: (610) 457-3763

Mission to Unreached Peoples

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