Life-long Learning Wheaton College

    Life-long learning is a strong value for us. We are always looking for opportunities to sharpen our skills and stimulate our minds and spirits. This can take the form of a good book, a seminar that is available here in Cambodia, or even the sharpening that comes from a good discussion with friends.
    Sensing God’s leading to an expanded role in ministry, the time is right for Tom to pursue some more formal education. He has been accepted at Wheaton College in the Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies program. This is a 40 credit course which he will be able to finish in two summers and two semesters. This study should enable Tom to build on his past experience in order to be more effective as a Strategy Catalyst and in helping to raise up missionaries to the Kuy and other unreached people groups.
    We are excited about this year of studies at Wheaton. God has confirmed this plan by some specific provisions. We have been accepted for a place in the Missionary Furlough Homes in Wheaton. These apartments are fully furnished and provided at a very reasonable rent for missionaries. They are just a few blocks from campus. Tom has also been honored with the Billy Graham Center Scholarship which covers the considerable cost of tuition. We are trusting God that our ministry partners will continue to give faithfully and generously to provide for our living expenses.
    As Tom pursues graduate studies, Nate and Nikki will have the challenge of new schools in Wheaton. It is an opportunity for them to become familiar with life in America and be more prepared for the day when they will be back in the US on their own.

Coming to the US

June 2011-Jackson, MI
Aug. 2011-Wheaton, IL
Aug. 2012 –Cambodia

We hope to visit with many of you while we are in the US!
You can call us even now at 610 788-2101
(we are 11 hours ahead of EST)

Please pray for our transitions
•    Back to school for Tom
•    To new schools for Nate and Nikki (Pray for friends. This is a tough change for them as Phnom Penh is home.)
•    To a much cooler climate!

Also, continue to ask the Lord of the Harvest for
•    Churches in every Kuy village,
•    Harvest workers for the Kuy of Thailand and Laos.

Tom and Lynn Newhouse
Strategy Catalysts for the Kuy People

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