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MUP Vision for Ministry
Thousands of church planting movements and the resultant mission movements until the gospel has penetrated and begun to transform every tribe, people, city and language.

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The task of getting the good news to all the unreached people groups is HUGE, even IMPOSSIBLE by human standards. But with God, all things are possible (Mk. 10:27). This was the theme of our Mission to Unreached Peoples (MUP) World Wide Conference held in Chiang Mai Thailand, 13-18 February. Our family joined over 200 others for this conference held once in three years.
    Our focus was on the unfinished task and how we, as an organization, will be involved. In order to be more effective in accomplishing our organizational vision, we are re-structuring our fields. Instead of being organized along geopolitical lines, we will be arranged according to ethno-linguistic affinity groups.
    We are encouraged and motivated to continue our work among the Kuy of Cambodia. We are also sensing the LORD's leading to expand our role to encompass the Kuy in Laos and Thailand. There are about 400,000 Kuy in Thailand and maybe 60,000 in Laos. We want to recruit others to work with us to reach these groups as well.
    Beyond this there about 70 people groups in Laos whose languages are in the Mon-Khmer language group. We are thinking that Cambodian believers might be good missionaries to these groups. Tom is working with others to put together a Church Planting Movement Strategy training in Khmer, designed for Cambodians. Dream the impossible with us:  Cambodian church planters in Laos reaching those who have never had the opportunity to hear the good news in a way that makes sense to them.

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Tom and Lynn Newhouse
Strategy Catalysts for the Kuy People

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