New Horizons Map of Kui locations     

We are so excited about the expanded vision that God has given us! AND we are ready to get back to Cambodia and get on with it.
The map shows the approximate locations of Kuy people in Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. As you know we have been focused on the Kuy in Cambodia. We are excited to begin to see some churches planted among them and will continue our work there in partnership with others to see a Church Planting Movement established.

We are also eager to begin recruiting, training and resourcing others to help reach out to the Kuy people in Thailand and Laos. There are about 40,000 Kuy people in Cambodia. There are around 400,000 Kuy in Thailand and perhaps 60,000 in Laos. There are a few small churches among the Kuy in Thailand. There had been missionaries there since the 50’s. Most of the Bible is available in Kuy written in Thai script. But at present there is no one specifically targeting them with the gospel. We know of no congregations of believers among the Kuy in Laos.                                                                                    Map source: Bethany World Prayer Center 1999

TK still has two classes to finish up for his Masters in Intercultural Studies here at Wheaton College. One is an independent study class and the other is a two-week intensive course the first two weeks of July. This will keep him quite busy the next two months. As soon as Nate and Nikki are out of school we are squeezing in a two week camping trip/visit to TK’s Dad in California. The kids will see parts of the US they have never seen including Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone. Nate will be taking Driver’s Ed this summer in Michigan while TK finishes off his studies. And, of course we need to get organized and packed up to go back to Cambodia. Our departure date is July 29. The kids start school on Aug. 6.
We would be grateful if you would lift this transition up to the Father on our behalf.

    •    Pray for TK to get all he can from these last two classes and to use his time well as he studies.
    •    Pray for all of us as we shift gears once again and return to Phnom Penh. The climate is different. We will leave family we have been close to this year. We will jump back into friendships, school, work . . .
    •    Pray for God’s perfect provision of housing and vehicle. We hope to sublet someone’s home who is gone for a few months so that we do not have to rush into a new renting situation. We will be looking for a new secondhand vehicle.

Thanks so much for your partnership in prayer and finances, making it possible for us to serve in this way.

TK and Lynn Newhouse
Strategy Catalysts for the Kuy People
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