One month in the Kuy village of O'Krouch
July 2008

Our language helperEating treats

Our language helper, Ian

Nate and Nikki enjoying palm fruit cakes at a neighbor's house

Kids with babyHouse where we stayed

Tom and Ben workingPulling rice for transplant    Our month in O'Krouch went well. We worked on Kuy language using the LAMP method; working each day with a language helper, learning a little, recording it, listening a lot and then practicing what we learned with as many people as possible. Our understanding of the Kuy language and lifestyle grew. Sundays, we joined with a couple of local churches in Kuy villages. People were very welcoming even though they were busy with their rice planting. Nate and
Nikki did great, learned a lot and had   
 plenty of fun playing new games with the kids and swimming in the reservoir. Thanks for your prayers.
    Ben (a Fijian Missionary) came up for a few days with four young Cambodian men from his church in Phnom Penh. They worked with Pastor Kon Kouen clearing a field and got to know a few people.

Please pray