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April 9, 2012

Nikki as Nellie Bly 
Nikki’s School
Only three blocks away from our home, Lowell is Nikki’s school. She is having a great year in Mrs. Rowley’s fifth grade class. She has made friends. She particularly enjoys creative writing projects, art and a fun PE class. Here she is posing as Nellie Bly, journalist, in the class “Wax Museum.”

We can walk to Jericho Road Church which meets on Sunday mornings at Lowell. We have enjoyed getting to know the “Roadies” as members are affectionately called and joining with them in ministry. Every Sunday the school gym is transformed to accommodate about 200 on folding chairs arranged in the round. The service includes great teaching, flexible liturgy and contemporary music. Once a month we forgo the worship service and get involved in community service.  Projects we have been involved in include helping paint a new home and move house, putting on a barbecue in a low-income apartment block, cleaning up community gardens, and putting together “welcome boxes” for World Relief to give to new refugees. It is a way of emphasizing the value of being the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.

Kids Club

Kid’s Club
As a church, Jericho Road desires to partner with Lowell School in serving our community. Lynn has been involved in helping the Social Worker distribute winter clothing to under-resourced families, organizing Christmas gifts for children from these families and putting on a Thanksgiving Day lunch for refugee kids so they know what our custom is like. One area Lynn has been particularly involved in is a monthly Kid’s Club for kids from refugee families. The idea is to provide an extra opportunity for kids to practice English and experience some things they may not have experienced.

Praise and Prayer

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