A Historic Occasionsinging

    We are celebrating a first – the first gathering of Kuy followers of Christ from the two different dialects of Kuy language in Cambodia. Thirty-one people, including representatives from nine different Kuy fellowships, three missionaries and a couple of Khmer who work with Kuy, gathered for two days. Some had never met another Kuy Christian from outside their own village! The meeting was organized by a missionary couple who work with Kuy in Preah Vihear province and Tom, in partnership with Kuy Christian leaders from the two dialect groups.
    These missionaries are linguists and have developed an orthography for the Kuy language. For most participants it was the first time to see Kuy written down. They also had a chance to hear the story of the sower and the seed from Luke 8 as the gospel of Luke is currently being translated into Kuy language.
    The program included a session about how to bring Kuy culture and a biblical perspective into common cultural events such as funerals or weddings. Kuy people from the northern dialect have put together a song book with 30+ songs in Kuy language for worship. Participants at the workshop broke up into small groups to work together to put some of these songs into the southern dialect and then sang them for each other. A first for collaboration!
    Everyone prayed together for the 90% of Kuy villages who do not yet have a Christian witness.

PRAISE God for this historic event!

•    that more meetings like this will be organized locally
•    for more outreach to Kuy villages without fellowships
•    that the Kuy worship songs will be frequently used

small groupssharing the songs

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