ReFocusing Leaders in Cambodia

A process of leadership development and personal discovery in a dynamic peer-learning community!

LynnTwo years ago we were invited to be a part of the pilot for a process called ReFocusing Leaders led by Jean and Rob Gill of Church Resources Ministry (CRM) and Barry Potter of Overseas Mission Fellowship (OMF). They themselves are long-term missionaries and had seen how, as missionaries, our vision for changing lives and transforming communities can easily get bogged down by the overwhelming needs of people, by the challenges of leading others, and by the stresses of living and raising our families overseas. The idea was to bring together missionaries in a year-long peer-learning community, designed to help bring strategic focus to each one's life and ministry.
    Last year the process was repeated in fuller format and we were a part of that second group. Lynn was invited to join Jean, Rob and Barry in giving leadership to the network. ReFocusing  Leaders resonates with her passion to see all believers equipped for effective ministry. We would like to see it become a part of the Cambodian mission community's arsenal of tools to help missionaries be effective over the long haul.
    Please pray for the new network starting up 6-7 Feb.; that it would be effective in helping missionaries and Christian NGO leaders better refine their personal vision and be more strategic in their ministries. Pray for wisdom and good time management as Lynn increases her role in facilitating the sessions and coaching others in the process.

Keys to ReFocusingTom

The ReFocusing Leaders process seeks to address the factors that help keep cross-cultural workers on the field long term so that they can make a lasting impact.
• on-going spiritual formation and
   awareness of God in his or her midst
• clear sense of vision and purpose
• on-going training and lifelong
• mentors for advice and perspective
• peer relationships for encouragement,
   support, and accountability