What Must be Done?
(Not:  What Can I/We Do?)

Go, make disciples of all people groups”      Matthew 28:18

    Our Bibles often use the word “nations” in place of “people groups”.  In Greek it is the word, “ethne” which carries the meaning of a group of people with distinct language and culture. Today there are still thousands people groups who have not been discipled. In current missiological terminology these groups are called “unreached people groups”. These are people who have no chance to choose Jesus from inside their own culture. About 27.9% of the world's people fall in this category. If current trends continue the percentage of unreached people will still be 23-28% in 2025, but the actual number will be much greater. Yet, over 70% of all missionaries are still being sent to areas that already have a Christian witness! Something needs to be done differently.
    There is a phenomenon taking place in various places all over the world. God is producing rapidly growing indigenous movements of people to Himself. These are happening along people group lines.
    We have just had our Cambodia Field conference for Mission to Unreached Peoples. Our discussions this year centered on a major transition that we as an entire mission are making at this time. As we shared with you in our March 2008 newsletter, we have a new International Director, Kent Parks. He brings a fresh and exciting vision with him for MUP. We are asking, “What must be done?” (to reach the unreached people groups of the world). As a result we, as an organization are focusing our vision on mobilizing strategic pioneering teams to be a part of stimulating holistic Gospel movements among thousands of people groups.
    This is a significant change for many of our members who have been involved in other very valid areas of cross-cultural ministry. Please join us in prayer for MUP as we move in this new, more strategic direction.

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