A Regional OutlookWelcome to SEALINK

20 March 2009

The Kuy people of Cambodia are our focus for church planting. But our vision extends to the many other unreached people groups in our region.  One way Tom has been involved in mobilizing for this greater task is through SEALINK.

Two years ago you prayed with us for SEALINK, that there would be more participation from church and mission leaders working in mainland Southeast Asian countries. Since then, a consultation has been held in Thailand which was attended by   delegates from Cambodia. Tom was able to help generate interest in Thailand as well as Cambodia through contacts from his years of ministry there.

Tom headed up the organization of a SEALINK consultation right here in Phnom Penh, 2-5 March. There were 157 delegates representing all of the ten ASEAN countries, 28 of these were Cambodians. It was exciting to see the connections made between people working in different countries and the ideas passed on for an increase in effectiveness in ministry to unreached peoples. Response to the consultation was overwhelmingly positive. Delegates appreciated the workshops and seminars on various aspects of cross-cultural ministry and the plenary sessions were highly motivating. What a powerful moment when all the delegates prayed with fervency for the fulfillment of the Great Commission in the countries of Southeast Asia as representatives for each country stood holding the flags of these countries.

SEALINK is a networking organization in Southeast Asia for missionaries, pastors and church workers.

A transformational church-planting movement among ALL PEOPLES of Southeast Asia so these peoples will join us in the glorious privilege of worshiping Christ and in fulfilling the Great Commission regionally and globally.