1 July 2006
    School’s out so we thought it a good time to send an update on the Newhouse kids. Both attend Northbridge International School  which provides an American style education here in Phnom Penh.
    Nikki is five years old and will go to kindergarten soon. Here are her comments.

What are some of your favorite things to do?  Swing, artwork, go swimming, read books, sing and dance.

What do you like about living in Cambodia?  My friends, spicy Cambodian soup, banana flower soup and our flat roof to stand and look out at the people.

What are you looking forward to during this school vacation? Our vacation to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, being with my family, VBS.

    Nate just recently turned nine. He will be a fourth grader when school starts in August. Here are his responses to some questions about his life.

What are some things you like about living in Cambodia? Getting to travel around on a motorbike. Going barefoot year round. The beach is only 3 hours away.

What do you like about school? I have a lot of friends to play with. We have more than one teacher so that we can do special subjects like art, music, PE, swimming , computers and Khmer.

What do you like to do in your free time?  Play with friends. Play soccer, basketball, computer games and read.

Tell us about your recent motorbike trip with your Dad.  We drove 710 km (426 mi) in five days. I got to sit on a special front seat Dad put on for me.  We visited Kuy villages and missionaries. I got to sleep out one night in a hammock with a mosquito net in the village. I really liked riding over rough dirt roads on the motor bike. I learned how to make a spit wad shooter out of bamboo from some other missionary kids in one village and found friends from Phnom Penh in the provincial town.

    Please pray for our children to love the Lord, continue to be flexible and adaptable, enjoy other cultures and learn to speak Khmer.

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