What is an SC?






A Strategy Coordinator (SC) is a missionary who is matched-up with an unreached people group for the purpose of developing and implementing evangelism, ministry and church planting strategies that will result in the formation of a culturally contextualized church planting movement (CPM). 

The SC has a foot in two spheres at the same time:  the harvest field  and the harvest force.

      With regards to our harvest field, the Kuy people of Cambodia, we have been involved for the last two years plus in two primary areas, research and planning. Tom has spent a significant amount of time over the first two years of our time as Strategy Coordinators finding out about the Kuy people. There is no documentation as to the numbers and distribution of the Kuy people in Cambodia. So he has been doing survey work to find this out. He is also finding out about what they are like so that we can formulate an appropriate plan to reach them with the gospel. For example, we have learned that they are mostly illiterate in any language and therefore have been learning about strategies, such as “storying,” which work well with pre-literate people. We are now moving into the stage of evangelism, which involves recruiting partners to help us present the good news and coming up with tools to share the news in this oral society. It is our prayer that at least one new group of believers will be formed this year as a result of our efforts.

      An SC is involved in the harvest force in several key ways: mobilizing prayer, advocating for the people group and partnering with others to see the goal of a CPM accomplished. We are working on developing a large network of praying people. We’ve begun with the email Cambodia Kuy Update. If you know of other individuals or groups who might like to pray for the Kuy people, please contact us. Tom has also been spending a lot of time networking with others here in Cambodia and the region. He was involved in helping an SIL team who were doing a linguistic survey of the Kuy here in Cambodia. We hope to soon have a Kuy People web site up and running as well.